DOCS Mission Pledge
Committed to improving lives in our local community by
donating surgical reconstruction and continuing care
to people otherwise unable to obtain treatment for
disfiguring medical conditions and severe injuries

While the doctors involved do spend time traveling abroad to perform surgeries in third world countries, the main focus of the DOCS organization is attending to the incredible need that exists here within our own community.

The diversity that lends San Diego much of its character, also results in a community of people who cannot always afford necessary medical services. More than 20% of those residing in "America's Finest City" take in less than $18,000 annually, with one in three children living in poverty. This group of people largely consists of migrant workers and other disadvantaged minorities. In addition, there are subsets of the population such as victims of domestic violence, the homeless, and injured military personnel, with each group including children, who do not have ready access to extreme medical care.

To this end, DOCS was founded by a team of talented surgeons to assist with the healthcare burden of the needy population within our own and neighboring communities. DOCS consists of a group of highly specialized physicians, each with their own sub-specialty. Dr. Batra is a well-established cosmetic surgeon with a sub-specialty in craniofacial surgery. Dr. Halls is an expert in the fields of reconstructive breast surgery, hand surgery and microsurgery. Dr. Andrew Chang is one of the foremost oral surgeons in San Diego. Dr. Camberos brings additional expertise in microsurgery of the hand and extremities. Dr. Lokesh Tantuwaya has expertise in the area of spine surgery and neurosurgery. Dr. Don Kikkawa is a nationally recognized occulo-plastic surgeon. Dr. James Tasto is a renowned cosmetic and restorative dentist.

The core group of doctors has elicited the support of several individuals within the community. Volunteers have given their time selflessly, by serving in varying capacities to further the DOCS objective of caring for the needy in San Diego.

DOCS has teamed up with various local organizations to raise awareness about their organization. Patients introduced to DOCS include victims of accidents, abuse, war, and devastating diseases. Often denied benefits by insurance companies, due to the "cosmetic" nature of their conditions, these patients were left without any hope.

Most recently, DOCS has provided care to a patient with a genetic disorder called NF1 (neurofibromatosis type I). Her story has been shown on The Oprah Winfrey Show and chronicled by the LA Times. Other cases have included a local marine who had severe spinal and craniofacial trauma due to a horrific car accident and a young mother of two suffered from severe facial deformities due to bony tumors protruding from her skull and face. More about these cases can be found at success stories.

To learn more about DOCS, please contact Executive Director Lori Varaich via our contact form or phone at 1-800-294-9006.